Badminton Insight – training tips from Greg and Jenny

We have been involved in badminton for our whole lives. Whilst training full-time as well as coaching we are often asked a wide variety of questions about things such as tactics, techniques and routines.

These questions come from a range of standards right from beginners to advanced players.

We began noticing more and more that there was limited content online for players of different standards to learn about different training methods and practices used at the top level of the sport.

This gap in the badminton world (and some free time during lockdown) led us to create Badminton Insight. We believe with our experience, knowledge, and passion for the game that we can provide valuable content to help both players and coaches.

On our website ( you can find the link to our YouTube channel, many different blog posts, product recommendations and also some downloadable PDF’s such as weight training and core programmes.

We plan to continue to add to the list of resources we offer and would love any further ideas anyone has!